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Since 1987, Pile and Company has advised the most influential brands in the industry on their marketing resources and relationships.

Focusing solely on marketing and advertising, we’ve built unmatched connections with agencies of all sizes, scopes and geographies—from household names to the quietly talented. And through our over 30-year expertise in the evolving dynamics of marketers and agencies, we help clients optimize their agency partnerships across creative, media, digital, PR and more.

Since March 2020, Pile and Company has conducted numerous agency searches and engagements virtually. Our practices have evolved with the climate and technology. From shorter, more frequent touchpoints to managing feedback
and consensus in new ways, we’ve adapted to ensure that the core tenets of our processes are not lost.

In the absence of the in-person conference room, we’ve found that virtual reviews, assessments and evaluations reveal in short order what an agency has done, and more importantly, what they can do for a brand partner or potential client.

Pile and Company is also the parent company of:

Agency Compile
where brands find agencies

Communications Collaborative
marketing, advertising and creative recruiting

the leading professional association for in-house agencies