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Location, Location…Location?

There was a time when an agency’s location really mattered. Chicago clients worked with Chicago agencies. New York clients worked with New York agencies and so on. But in the age of Skype and Google Hangouts, is an agency’s location still that important to a client?

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People: The Differentiator in an Agency Pitch

Saying people are important in an agency pitch is…well, what’s the opposite of an “aha” moment? A “so what?” moment? Telling agencies that their team is critical to a client’s business is something they already know.

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Meghan and Mike McDonnell Take the Reins at Pile and Company

“When I was 31-years-old, Skip Pile gave me the opportunity of a lifetime to join him in launching Pile and Company. Over the next 31 years, I helped build an industry-leading business filled with great people of whom I am very proud. I can now spend the next 30+ years in active and meaningful retirement, knowing that the business will continue to thrive in very capable hands.”

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