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The Importance of Feedback—No Matter How Difficult

Feedback at the end of an agency search is hard. Not unlike hiring a new employee—where after a time-consuming, energy-depleting, emotion-investing process, there is only one person who can fill the role. And for the person who came in second, a thoughtful, intentional conversation should occur. A

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Account Management in a Pitch

Account management matters. An agency account lead is the client’s business partner. And agencies who empower account management, prioritize their role and understand their value win new business. A few thoughts from our talk with Agency Compile.

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A Quick Note During Mental Health Month

The end of the pandemic is in sight. People are trickling back into the office. Clients and agencies are contemplating in-person meetings. And while the forward-looking me is incredibly excited and optimistic, if I’m being honest, the real-time me is a little burned out.  So, what

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The New Agency Pitch

I think it’s fair to say that within the last few weeks, we have all started to see light at the end of the tunnel. But as I reflect on how things have changed in the last year, I do wonder what pre-COVID practices and behaviors

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The Best Way to Use Your Agency’s Process in a Pitch

I’ve noticed a common thread across agencies who do well in new business pitches. They always map back to their process. I don’t mean showing slides of charts and graphs with “our process” at the top, but through actual demonstration. Successful final pitches allow the agency

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Turning the Page

I’m not going to lie. As we’re building timelines for new client engagements, I love seeing 2021 dates. And whether my optimism about turning the page on 2020 is manufactured or misguided, I’m feeling hopeful. One thing 2020 did provide in spades was the opportunity to

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