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Defining and Demonstrating Strategy in a Pitch

Many clients want strategic capabilities from their agency. But “strategy” can mean many different things. In a pitch, Meghan McDonnell advises agencies to define the type of strategy a prospective client needs first. Then demonstrate how your strategic process delivers meaningful business results for your clients.

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DEI and Agency Search

DEI was a small, but growing part of corporate internal reflection and client-agency relationships over the last few years. However, within the last year, DEI has become a primary topic of discussion, no longer a sidenote. So, what are clients looking for when it comes to DEI

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The Importance of Feedback—No Matter How Difficult

Feedback at the end of an agency search is hard. Not unlike hiring a new employee—where after a time-consuming, energy-depleting, emotion-investing process, there is only one person who can fill the role. And for the person who came in second, a thoughtful, intentional conversation should occur. A

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