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To Stand or Not to Stand in a Pitch Presentation

I’ve talked about the importance of agencies standing up in final pitch presentations before. The advice isn’t always embraced. Some say that certain clients don’t want to be “pitched to,” and believe that sitting down and connecting is a more successful approach than standing and talking

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Location, Location…Location?

There was a time when an agency’s location really mattered. Chicago clients worked with Chicago agencies. New York clients worked with New York agencies and so on. But in the age of Skype and Google Hangouts, is an agency’s location still that important to a client?

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People: The Differentiator in an Agency Pitch

Saying people are important in an agency pitch is…well, what’s the opposite of an “aha” moment? A “so what?” moment? Telling agencies that their team is critical to a client’s business is something they already know.

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