Three Questions with Meghan

This month we’re starting a new blog series entitled, Three Questions. Each month we will talk to one of our consultants across Agency Search, Performance Evaluation, Executive Search and Commercial Operations, and get their very quick take on trends and observations coming out of their current engagements with marketers and agencies.

First up, SVP and Agency Search guru, Meghan McDonnell.

1) What was the most surprising thing you’ve seen in a pitch this month?

As basic as it sounds, it still surprises me when agencies come into a pitch and don’t answer the assignment. We’ve had a number of final presentations in the last month, and in each instance, there was one finalist agency that didn’t deliver against what the client outlined. I understand that agencies want to differentiate themselves and show how innovative they are, but it can’t come at the expense of the assignment. This approach ends up doing the agency a real disservice.

2) What are one or two things you’re hearing from marketing clients as they think about their partnerships for 2015?

We have a lot of clients asking us right now to assist in determining if they are getting enough value out of their agency relationships. Do they have the right agency(ies) to help them meet their business goals? Are they paying the agency a fair amount? Do they have the right team?

The other thing clients are saying is that they need their agency to help them act upon all of the data that exists. For instance, how can they use the consumer data they have to make their message more relevant?

3) Finally, will you dress up for Halloween? And if so, as what?

I’ll say it — I’m not a fan of Halloween. I never have been, which is probably why I wore my mom’s wedding dress and veil year after year and went as a “bride.” I’ve already tapped out on my creativity by the time I figure out costumes for my girls.