4 Questions Agencies Should Answer in Their New Business Outreach

Agencies have long relied on email to communicate with search consultants like me. It’s always been a quick, easy, personal way to share their latest updates and news.

Now, we are all getting inundated with emails. From people we know, people we don’t, with information that’s relevant, and info that’s not.

If you’re an agency and use email to stay top of mind with search consultants and client prospects, here’s what resonates with me.

Instead of asking: What do you want to know? How do we get on your radar?


What kind of agency are you? A lot of agencies say they do everything, but what do you do best? 

Who are your clients? Agency websites aren’t always up to date. We see the same client logos from a lot of agencies. Share who your current (or recent past) clients are. Provide a topline of the scope of work you provide. 

How are you helping them? Explain the value you are bringing to your clients. What business challenges did you solve? How did you drive business with your creative (or digital, media) idea? 

What’s new at your agency? Tell us about new work, new hires, or new clients. Are there programs you’re implementing for learning and development? Do you have a new way of working? Have you reorganized your teams to drive better integration? Let us know!

When I receive emails from agencies that answer these questions, I remember them.