DEI and Agency Search

DEI was a small, but growing part of corporate internal reflection and client-agency relationships over the last few years. However, within the last year, DEI has become a primary topic of discussion, no longer a sidenote.

So, what are clients looking for when it comes to DEI and a new agency partner? How is DEI being defined and measured in an agency search?

In Pile and Company agency reviews, clients want to know how an agency is committed to DEI internally as well as through creative execution and media spend. Some want to know if an agency is diversity-owned/certified or if they have a Supplier Diversity Program. Others want to know the makeup of the agency team. And while specific search criteria will vary by brand, DEI is now a key area of consideration for every client.

If you’re considering a new agency partner and wondering how DEI should factor into your search, please reach out to me directly.