Opportunity in the Chaos

If you asked me four weeks ago if I was a “quote” or “meme” person, I would’ve said no. Now, it appears that I’m maybe one week away from becoming a “quotes embroidered on my living room pillows” person.

In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity. I’m finding that sentiment to be true of our industry. At least for today.

One client, who pressed pause on their review two weeks ago, has decided to move forward, knowing they will need a new agency ready to go when we all come out of this. Another client, also holding, just gave the green light to conduct final agency presentations and complete their search. And lastly, we’re seeing good agencies do what good agencies do best—pivoting, thinking differently, finding opportunity in the chaos.

I am reminded of the resilience and creativity of both our clients and their agency partners as we move ahead in week 4.