One Incredibly Simple Way to Set The Right Tone in a New Partnership

A new CEO joins an agency, comes in early the first two days, and leaves voicemails for each of her client counterparts. “Just calling to say hello…I’ve started…I’m looking forward to working with you…” Quick. Simple.

I’ve now heard about these actual voicemails from a number of the clients who received them. They had a tremendous impact. Not only because they represented an often-overlooked gesture in an increasingly busy world, but also because there was a more important message communicated: I’m here. I’m available. I’m your partner. And that is exactly the right way to kick off a relationship, particularly at the highest level.

Through simple voicemails, and maybe setting her alarm an hour earlier, this agency CEO established a powerful tone of respect, collaboration and confidence within the first 48 hours on the job.