To Stand or Not to Stand in a Pitch Presentation

I’ve talked about the importance of agencies standing up in final pitch presentations before. The advice isn’t always embraced. Some say that certain clients don’t want to be “pitched to,” and believe that sitting down and connecting is a more successful approach than standing and talking at them.

I agree 100% that discussion and connection during a pitch are absolute musts. As we know, it’s the people who are often the differentiator between a selected agency and runner-up. But I would offer that an agency can talk with a client, not at them, even when they’re standing.

In a pitch a few weeks ago, one agency team presented from their seats. The presentation felt flat. The agency seemed disinterested. The client took notice.

The next agency presented standing up. The energy in the room shifted. The agency wasn’t talking at the client or “pitch-y.” They showed confidence, preparedness and a supportive, pass-the-baton team dynamic, which led the client to observe, “I love how well that team worked together.”

Could the same result be accomplished from a seat? I’m sure it could. But, in my experience, the best presentations often come from an agency on its feet.