Why Digital Content is Still A Challenge in Some Client-Agency Relationships

If someone had told me I’d be writing about agencies struggling with digital channels in 2018, I’m not sure I would’ve believed them. Digital isn’t new anymore. Most agencies have figured it out. But when asked why clients are looking for new agencies, one of the reasons is digital content.

Some of our clients report that their current agencies still begin their thinking in traditional channels, even when the task is digital. One client shared that every time they needed new digital ideas or creative, their agency would return with a presentation that started in the TV world. (And this was for a client who spent most of their media dollars in digital.)

Is this happening with every agency? Certainly not. But it is happening. And it’s why some clients are looking for a new partner.

Agencies who are doing digital right know that it doesn’t evolve from a TV idea. They understand how to use different digital channels to drive engagement. They think about the customer’s journey. They know that if they’re shooting a TV spot, they should also shoot B-roll video for Instagram. They know that not all content is created equally. They “get” that digital can be a little down and dirty and that’s a good thing.

Clearly, you can do all of this as a digital-only agency. But you must also do this as a full-service shop. Invest in digital capabilities in house or work with best-in-class digital production companies. And acknowledge that the days of “versioning” TV creative for digital are over. Because it’s crowded out there, and if you’re not getting digital right, there are plenty of agencies that do.