Why Every Marketer Needs a Media Specialist

Between P&G issuing ultimatums around digital media, transparency and accountability and the one-year anniversary of the ANA Media Transparency Report, every client is now asking:

Can I trust my media agency? Are they recommending the right channels? Am I getting what I paid for? How are we measuring success? Is anyone seeing my ad? 

Unfortunately, with the complexity and sophistication of today’s media landscape, many clients don’t know where to go or where to look to get these questions answered. Tracking clicks, measuring genuine views, keeping pace with constantly changing media supply chains…it can feel a bit like the Wild West. And existing resources may not be enough.

Most marketers are now taking one of two approaches: hiring an internal resource, e.g. a Chief Media Officer or partnering with an outside consultant like Pile and Company. In either case, the key is to work with a specialist—someone with a deep understanding of the media industry—so you have confidence that your media dollars are being invested in the most effective way for your brand.

Here are a few of the ways we help our clients through our media management practice, led by Dan Jeffries:

  • Review and negotiate media contracts to promote transparent agency compensation and incentives
  • Refer to industry best practices, resources and language to protect the advertiser
  • Provide guidance on the media landscape—knowing the right questions to ask around effectiveness, conflicts of interest, viewability and fraudulent traffic
  • Create clear objectives and measures for media performance
  • Assist in analyzing results
  • Communicate media goals and measurement internally to justify investment levels
  • Offer an independent view of the value being delivered by your media partners

Whether it’s a current media partnership, new agency relationship or during a pitch process, be sure to have a media specialist on your team to get your questions answered and protect your investment.

If you’d like to have a conversation or learn more about Pile’s media management practice, either as a stand-alone service or part of an agency search, please message me or reach me at 617.587.3937.