A Case for Relationship Management

While agency search is the cornerstone of Pile and Company, in truth, 50% of our consulting work is in agency relationship management, (i.e. helping marketers optimize their current agency relationships, not look for new ones).

In the 4A’s and ANA’s October report, The Business Case for Relationship Management, both clients and agencies “express a strong degree of satisfaction regarding the key benefits of having a relationship management program in place: better communication, better work, and an improved ROI.”

Since 2005, we’ve averaged nearly 100 feedback surveys per year along with consultant-led, mediated performance reviews—designed for clients and agencies to confirm goals, build trust, identify issues, and develop actionable plans to address what’s working and what’s not

Finding a new agency means time, effort and cost. A better investment is to optimize a relationship when it’s in place. Because if there are challenges in a client-agency partnership, an agency search should be the last stop, not the first.

If you’d like to discuss agency relationship management for your brand, please get in touch.