Why Agencies Are Being Selective When it Comes to Pitching

Many of us have been looking ahead to Q4, wondering what the final stretch of 2020 would look like after such disruption. I think one thing we’ve realized is that we need to continue to move forward. As a result, we’re seeing agencies in the throes of helping clients adjust year-end work and plan for a 2021 that will likely be different than expected.  

And what does this mean for pitching new business? Agencies are taking a long, hard look at every opportunity and asking themselves: Do we have the bandwidth with our current workload? Do we have the resources with parents stretched thin with commitments at home? Is this financially worth it for the long-term? In other words, they are being selective.

For clients looking to do an agency search right now, you may not see the volume of participating agencies that you have seen in the past. But you will see agencies that have thoroughly vetted the opportunity to say, “Yes, I’m all in. I want your business and I’m excited to go after it.” And that is the level of commitment you want in your agency partner.